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Are there really Cheats/Hacks on Clash of Clans?

The most common question we're asked here at is "I have heard rumors of a Clash of Clans Hack. Are there any real working ways to cheat on CoC?".

Our honest answer is – Yes. We've spent thousands of hours researching, testing and compling this ultimate guide. We care about our users and want to steer them in the right direction.

There are a handful of different ways to gain an advantage over other players but virtually none of these are free or can instantly generate unlimted resources. In other words if you think you've found something not mentioned in this wiki there is a 99% chance it's fake.

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Sometimes players who cheat in Clash of Clans are quite obvious. And it always leaves us wondering, "How do they really do it?".

This wiki has been made as a truthful and transparent guide to real hacking and cheating in clash of clans but is by no means made to promote it. As always, players are strongly encouraged to follow Supercell’s fair play guidelines.

1.1 - Gem & Elixir Generator Tools

clash of clans hack tool

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these generator tool sites floating around the net. Let us make this VERY CLEAR TO YOU. NONE, WE MEAN NONE OF THESE TOOLS WORK ANYMORE! They are all patched. Back in the day, when the game first launched there was a few working until Supercell found out and almost took legal action against the creators.

Here is what a typical Generator Tool looks like on page 1 of Google for “Clash of Clans Hack


Since the game is hosted online a user may think that Clash of Clans servers can be hacked into buy simply connecting through a backdoor or similar. The website will ask you for your username and then device. After that you will be asked to select how many gems, gold or elixir you would like to generate. Remember what your parents always told you, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So let’s see what happens…

Oh look, there is something running it must be working right? All that coder lingo used in movies and on TV it must be real!

Nope, it’s completely fake…don’t believe us? Try to enter in a completely random username, one that no one would ever use. REefgehbnvbrklkjrte8347374 for instance.

Oh look! It still seems to be running.

We have heard reports that these tools only want to steal your account! DO NOT USE THEM!

1.2 - Buying Third Party Cheap Gems

third party gems

Just like other popular online games there is an underground community where cheap labor and under aged children are used to farm gold and items. CoC is no different. As tempting as it can be to buy gems at rates of up to 30% off the in-game store, there are many risks involved which are surely to get you in trouble.

Here are just a few reasons to avoid buying third-party gems like the plague:

  • All these sites need your login information. To redeem the cheap gems on your gamecenter/google account. This incredibly unsafe as you are giving random strangers access to all your private information. Do you really know what’s being done with it?
  • Your account can be used as a pawn or mule. While they have access to your account it can be used for illegal activities which can and will get you banned.
  • Many of the gems at obtain by fraudulent activities. iTunes and Google play gift cards get stolen by criminals all the time. Why do you think the gems are so cheap? They need a way to get rid of their stolen product. This will also lead to an inevitable ban and in some cases even a criminal investigation.
  • Your account will be flagged from being used in a strange country half way across the world. Think about it logically. Your account being logged into from somewhere in Russia or China. Suddenly a couple hours later you’re back in the States? Supercell isn’t that stupid.

1.3 - Finding Exploits/Bugs/Glitches

clan wars ghost exploit

Clan Wars Raid Ghosting Exploit -(imgur proof pic)

  1. Attack an enemy war base and then immediately turn off your wifi connection on your device.
  2. Since you don’t have a live connection to the Supercell servers you are able to execute your strategy without it being recorded.
  3. You will be able to see the enemy’s army, including traps, castle troops and find any flaws that you can take advantage of. Once you determine the best way to attack and get the most stars turn off the game.
  4. Reconnect your wifi and reload the game.
  5. Attack, this time do it live and get all the stars!

1.4 - Botting – Automatic Playing While you Sleep and Do Homework

The majority of bots that exists for CoC require a computer with a running version of BlueStacks (Android emulator software). If you don't have access to a computer you are still in luck, you can use xmodgames.


Xmodgames works on mobile iOS/Android devices. With xmodgames you can break the limits set by game creators, giving you the ability to generate unlimited coins, gems, items and whatever other resources you need. This software is made for many different titles including Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Plants Vs Zombies 2, Angry Birds, Clash royale and many more.


Download xmodgames - MEGA | MIRROR 1| MIRROR 2


Arguably the most popular, the team at RaccoonBot has been able to reach some amazing success with their bot. Within the span of only a few months they’ve been able to craft one of the most stable and bug free bots. It was been entirely written in C# and can run with little memory usage. The best part of all – it runs in the background without even using your mouse!


Download RaccoonBot - MEGA | MIRROR 1| MIRROR 2


This bot is completely written with QMacro. It has raving reviews for its accurate and fast attacking abilities. One of the negatives of this bot is that is constantly down due to updates and has a non-user friendly interface. On the plus side, a bot with continuous support is always a bonus. There are no limitations on what troops to deploy.


Download LazyPressing- MEGA | MIRROR 1| MIRROR 2

ClashBot C#

Just like RaccoonBot, ClashBot is written using the C# program language. It is extremely fast and stable. This is one of our top recommendations.


Download ClashBot - MEGA | MIRROR 1| MIRROR 2

GameBot – AutoIT

Historically the most popular bot on clash of clans, Gamebot is powered by AutoIT. The community for this bot is extremely healthy. There is constant updates and members and contributing to make it the best it can be. This bot is made by innovators and has one of the easiest, most friendly user interfaces we have seen. You will never run out of DE with the lightning strikes feature. You can also choose how you want to attack.


Download GameBot - MEGA | MIRROR 1| MIRROR 2

1.5 - Private Servers. God Mode. Be in Full Control

Although it’s not the same as having the real thing, private servers can be fun to play around on with friends. There’s no need to spend countless hours getting resources when you can just create unlimited gems, gold and elixir. Please note: Only rooted android phones and jailbroken iOS devices can join these games.

How To Create a Clash of Clans Hack Private Server

  1. Download the most up to date version of CoC server files: Download here
  2. Unzip the RAR file anywhere on your PC.
  3. Run the .exe file and start up a clash server.
  4. Press Windows Button or type in the run box from the start menu the command cmd and hit enter. (Or simply search on Google “What is my IP address?”)
  5. Now type in ipconfig to find out your computers IP address (IPv4, Local Area Connection Line). Write it down.
  6. Now you have a running server, but you need to connect to it from your mobile device.

Connecting from a Rooted Android Phone:

  1. Download Host Editor.
  2. Run Host Editor and hit the +Add Host Button.
  3. Type in your IP address in the IP address field. Now type in the Hostname Field.
  4. Touch +Add Hostname.
  5. Uninstall Clash of clans from your phone.
  6. Reinstall the game from the Google Play Store.
  7. Play on your private server!

Connecting from a Jailbroken iOS Phone:

  1. Start by downloading iFile from Cydia.
  2. Open iFile and search for />>etc Folder.
  3. Search for the hosts file and then open it with Text Editor.
  4. Add a new line to the file: IP ADDRESS HERE EX:
  5. Touch “return” once.
  6. Now save the hosts file and then close iFile.
  7. Run clash of clans!


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